Seeking Singing Telegram and Variety Performers in all major cities for a fun, flexible, well-paying job for entertainers.

*Must have open schedule and flexibility. Ideal candidates are full-time gig workers (no day job with set hours). Most gigs are short notice (many same day or next day).
*Must respond quickly to gig requests (keep an eye on your phone!). You set your own schedule and you need to be on top of it!?*Must have dependable transportation. 
*Must be on time and reliable
*Must own a smart phone and use our scheduling app.

*Must have strong improv skills

*Able to carry a tune

*Able to work a crowd

*Be charming and funny

Singing Telegrams are typically 8-10 minute performances consisting of a loosely scripted comedy act and two to three songs. You must be able to improvise and play off the crowd and recipient. Delivery to offices, restaurants, homes, etc. 

Popular characters include: Marilyn Monroe, Nurse, Cop, Elvis, Austin Powers, Gorilla in a Tutu, Phantom of the Opera, Nerd, Chicken, and many more. You can also develop your own characters. Bonus if you have some costumes already.

To be considered, please send an email to 

Please include:
*Current photos of yourself and/or links to your media kit
*Phone Number
*City, State, Zip
*List of any costumes you already have
*List of characters you can do or want to do

This is a non-union, freelance independent contractor job. There is no fee to work with us.  Pay ranges from $80-$150 average per gig.
This is a really great gig for the right kind of person.