Funky Chicken

4.6 | 6 REVIEWS
Lakeland, Florida, United States

Why did the chicken cross the road? Why, to surprise the unsuspecting recipient, of course! Our ridiculous chicken arrives clucking and cock-a-doodle-do-ing, searching high and low for the person of honor. This plucky, punny poultry is ready for fun and fowl play. He performs a short, interactive comedy routine, complete with keepsake party hat and kazoo, then leads the celebrant and the crowd in the famous chicken dance. It’s a finger-lickin’ good time as this fuzzily feathered creature leads your roost in a rousing round of a song fit for the occasion. He then presents your personal message on the souvenir telegram card. Two alternate options are available for the chicken: The fiesta chicken comes complete with poncho, maracas, and sombrero. He dances into the room to the tune of "Jarabe Tequila". For raunchy crowds, the chicken strip special begins with a fully clothed, trenchcoat-wearing chicken. He leads the audience in a version of the chicken dance that derails into a burlesque-style striptease, revealing a shiny bikini and feather boa. The chicken strips down to the chicken suit (no human nudity is involved in this telegram), thoroughly embarrassing the recipient! Please indicate which version of the funky chicken you would like in your booking request.